He Rejoices Over Me


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A site and book dedicated to the memory of Crystal Marie Skula.

He Rejoices Over Me, by Nicholas Skula, is a book for this generation. It is a unique writing about a young girl’s dreams and aspirations. Crystal Skula was ahead of her time. She marched to the beat of her own drum. She was young, beautiful and popular, yet at the same time, humble, which connected to the hearts of many young people. Personal testimony and pictures by Crystal’s friends will commemorate the authenticity of this book. Cancer survivor from stage four cancer for several years, literally thousands of Christians were praying for a miracle on Crystal’s behalf. This ballerina story will be a comfort to any parent going through this. A fascinating read that will have you turning the pages. Many who read excerpts found themselves in tears. You cannot help but get drawn into this story. Just the way Crystal faced her death, losing her battle with brain cancer, her school friends were deeply moved. Three years later, they asked Crystal’s parents to speak at what would have been Crystal’s high school graduation. Crystal’s mother was presented with a high school ring and a diploma. This book was six years in the making, and if there ever was a time to write about a family losing a child, it is now. The story is a blend of beauty, faith, courage, hardship, and victory. It has a supernatural ending that will leave every reader believing and rejoicing.